Bodyblast Timetable

Every Wednesday 7.00 pm

£4 per class 40 Minute Class

About Bodyblast

This workout is a combination of both cardio & conditioning, so getting two methods of exercise in one workout!.

Burning body fat in a fun and challenging class, which combines using your own body weight and cardio to shape your entire body. Aerobic, floor work and resistance exercises using kettle bells, free weights, swiss balls, resistants bands and mat, makes bodyblast a full body workout using all the major muscle groups.

Total Body Workout

Working your arms, abs, butt and thighs, the session is done to upbeat music, keeping you motivated for each set of exercise, in a interval training method, which is the most effective way to burn fat and increase lean muscle, giving you results in just a 30-40 min class.


1-Fun Energising Workouts.

2-Increase Lean Muscles.

3-Fast Interval Training.

4-Suits All Levels Of  Fitness.

5-Sculpts  And Tones.

6-Burns Calories.

7-Increases Flexibility.

8-Core Blasting.